Monday, March 16, 2015

Obama in Black and White

First-term GOP Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, having accumulated nearly two months experience in office, convinced forty-six other Republican Senators to sign a March 9 letter to Iran’s leaders. This letter was specifically designed to undermine President Obama’s actions to deter Iran’s nuclear capabilities through negotiations.

In February, at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana said, “President Obama has disqualified himself and shown himself incapable of being our commander-in-chief.” He went on, “This president is bankrupting our country financially, morally, our international standing.”

In January, Marco Rubio, a GOP Senator from Florida, questioned Obama’s planned actions on slowly lifting the total embargo on Cuba, as part of the President’s plan to establish diplomatic relations with that country. Rubio was quoted on, “Given existing U.S. laws about our Cuba policy, this slew of regulations leave at least one major question President Obama and his administration have failed to answer so far: what legal authority does he have to enrich the Castro regime in these ways?”  Wonder if Marco had his Cuban-American, South Florida constituents in mind when he says this, or is it part of his upcoming platform in his path to the presidency?

Last November, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas spoke about Obama’s immigration policy to radio host Mark Levin, "It is one of the most profoundly troubling aspects of the Obama administration, is the degree to which this is a lawless administration. ”When Cruz spoke to Megyn Kelly on Fox News, he stayed the course, and reiterated, "We are unfortunately witnessing a constitutional crisis. What President Obama's doing is he is defying the law, he's defying the Constitution," Was Cruz thinking about his own possible Presidential run, or just trying to keep his Texas faithful, faithful?

Alabama’s two Republican Senators, Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby, are also out to set the public straight on Obama’s deviant political actions. After the President’s State of the Union address in January, Sessions couldn’t find anything remotely positive in Obama’s words to the nation. “On the national security front, President Obama has once again failed to deliver a clear vision for combating the threat of ISIS and Islamic extremism.” He went on, “On immigration, the President remains wedded to a lawless policy that serves only the interest of an international elite while reducing jobs and benefits for everyday Americans.”

Shelby joined the GOP’s anti-Obama chorus, stating “The President’s address tonight did not include plans to rescind his decision to circumvent Congress and unilaterally grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. It failed to outline a way to provide the American people with relief from the destructive impacts of Obamacare. We also did not hear about his plans to enact policies that will reenergize the private sector and encourage job growth.”

In January, one of Kentucky’s GOP Senators, Rand Paul, also a potential Presidential candidate, told Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren, "What Obamacare did was take some of the things we did for the poor and expanded the government to basically the whole marketplace. That I think will ultimately bankrupt the country and then nobody will have good health care."

Before the 2012 Presidential election, Kentucky GOP Senator Mitch McConnell, who is now the Majority Leader in the Senate, bluntly declared to the faithful, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

It didn’t quite work out that way for the “we,” (“we” being the GOP) so Republicans in the Senate and the House tried, and are still trying, to get even by not working with the President on hardly any issue. In all fairness, neither is Obama intelligently working with those “across the aisle.”

As you may have noticed, all eight of these men have three common attributes. They are all members of the Republican Party, all of them are from the South, and all of them are White.

Could the anti-Obama feelings among these eight Southerners and others, be because he is referred as the First Black President? African Americans also push that label, but do so with pride. However, with a White mother and a Black father, isn’t Obama, in fact, the First Multiracial President? When I was young, the term Mulatto was used, which was defined as, “A person who is born from one parent black and one white parent, or more broadly, a person of mixed white and black ancestry in any proportion.”

Barak Hussein Obama will leave office in twenty-two months. Depending on the 2016 Presidential election results, either the GOP or the Democrats, will have a new President to fervently complain about, regardless of that person’s color or gender.

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